Cheap and Easy Table Lamp Shades

Nov 13th

Many times the table lamp shades wear out with the use, because with the passage of time the fabric becomes discolored and less resistant. However, now you can recover your lamp with the step-by-step that we bring you today: you will know how to make a basic lamp shade. It is important that you know some tips before starting, especially as far as the fabric is concerned, because you should try to find a decorative fabric that lets light in; otherwise, the lamp loses its purpose.

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Similarly, it is advisable to change not only the fabric that decorates but the internal fabric, since this usually change color and change the final tone of the light that gives our table lamp shades. If you want to disguise the union of the fabrics you can also use a strip of decorative fabric. Join it with glue. Let it dry and you already have your lampshade ready.

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The advantage of knowing these steps is that you can do it with any type of lamp you have; also, you can redecorate those screens that are already very old or that do not look good. If you are looking for other ways to decorate your table lamp shades, you can use the ideas we give you in lamps with recycled material or make a lamp with clothes sticks.

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