Cleaning Brass Table Lamps

Nov 13th

Brass Table Lamps – If your table lamp is stained or dusty, it may be time to clean it. Cleaning a metal desk lamp depends on the metal, as well as the detergents you have on hand. Incorrectly cleaning a metal desk lamp can destroy its surface and create a stain on the desktop. Proper cleaning of a metal desk lamp only takes a few minutes.


Connect your Brass Table Lamps and remove the bulbs from the fixture. Examine the lamp to determine the extent that it needs to be cleaned. If a lamp is simply dusty, wipe it off with a soft cloth to restore the finish. Wipe away dust, dirt and loose dirt with a dry, soft cloth.

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Mix a pasta solution of vinegar and baking soda. Spread this solution under a polished cloth. Rub the solution in dirty or dirty areas in a circular motion. Rinse clean cloth and use a damp clean cloth to wipe off vinegar and baking soda from the lamp. Repeat as necessary until all dirt and stains are removed from the Brass Table Lamps surface. Replace the bulb in the lamp and plug it in.

Antique Brass table lamps lend a worthwhile old-fashioned atmosphere to a living room or office and provide a lighting source. These lamps vary in height from one to two 1/2 feet, so they are primarily used as a light source for reading or writing as opposed to illuminating the decor and interior of an entire room. Although there is no official taxonomy of antique brass table lamps, some different categories can be identified.

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