Contemporary Table Lamps Ideas

Nov 13th

Contemporary Table Lamps often have unusual lampshades useful for table lamps. In most cases, the switch lamp will have a built-in frame with a wooden door in the top that will work just as well as a standard harp style shadow mounting point. Combine the switch lamp with a table lamp kit, along with base material; you can really change the switch in a table lamp.


Buy a Contemporary Table Lamps kit. These are available at most lamp stores, construction stores, and craft shops and online. Order the internal threaded tube 1 inch longer than the height of your base. In general, the base should not be longer than the shadow is wide. Place your base on the work table. For example, if you use a simple garden vase as a base and you have chosen a kit for a vase that does not require any drilling; you will not create any holes in the vase for the wires.

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Place a nut, washer and fiberboard on one end of the threaded tube. Place a locking tray and nut to hold the disc on the tube and tighten them together. These are for the base of the tube. Attach a nut, washer, brass neck, bottom of harp and socket to the top of the tube. Mix plaster into a single large plastic mold. Put the Contemporary Table Lamps screwed into the vase so the disc is at the bottom. Tilt the post aside and pour the plaster around the post into the bottom of the vase. Stand the post upright and center it in the vase. Hold the post or tape it fast so it is level and upright as the plaster hardens. Allow plaster to cure for 12 hours.

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