Cool Example of Bright Floor Lamp

Nov 10th

On the other hand if for us the bright floor lamp is an object of great importance in the decoration of our living room, entrance or hall, the range of possibilities is wide and much. We understand the subjectivity of the “aesthetic factor”, but we must bear in mind that in many occasions the design and the materials that compose it directly influence the environment that creates the lamp.

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So we must play with materials to take advantage of the decorative effects they can create: light reflections created by glass, the warm atmosphere of a fabric screen or the vintage style of metals such as copper. We hope you like these examples. Nur de Mantra is an example of modern bright floor lamp and functionality, Nur adapts to decorations of the most varied and in all manages to become the center of attention.

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Polaris by Ole by Fm uses the fabric as the main element of its design and thanks to that it illuminates the rooms with a warm and comfortable light. Silvia de Vita lighting is a clear example of the use of different materials in a bright floor lamp, its screen is made of synthetic pen that filters light to create romantic and cozy environments.

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