Create Cozy Spaces with Bronze Floor Lamp

Nov 11th

Many people are not aware of the true power they have with a bronze floor lamp. They are very useful to create cozy spaces or perform tasks that need a little more directed light. They are usually used in classrooms or dining rooms . Next I am going to give you a series of very interesting ideas to place standing lamps in this room. You will realize that the options are endless. The chosen ones are of modern style, which are what we generally have all in our home.

Let’s analyze first the layout of the room, with the sofa and the two chairs facing each other. As you see, placing the bronze floor lamp right next to one of them will help you read, sew without any hurry that you can not see well. The lamp is quite original with a body made of wood, which fits very well with that of the shelving and the large tulip made of fabric.

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It is an original bronze floor lamp that stands out for having two points of LED lighting . On the one hand it has a fixed light of 18 W (warm), corresponding to the larger tulip and a more specific one, corresponding to the arm located at the bottom. You can direct it wherever you want, in case you need a more specific light to read, write…

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