Fantastic and Very Decorative Kids Floor Lamp

Nov 10th

Philips in particular has a collection designed in collaboration with Disney in which the kids floor lamp are inspired by some of the characters of children’s favorite drawings. That gives the kids great security, feels at his side during the night to one of his favorite dolls and also illuminated. The most practical designs are probably those of table lamps. They can be left on the nightstand but children can also take these small lamps and hug them or play with them for a while before going to sleep.

Another fantastic and very decorative solution to kids floor lamp the bedrooms of children we have it in the garlands of light for the headboard, there are very simple designs with light balls and other more elaborate figures with shapes of animals. And if there is something that most children adore are the lanterns , as a child I loved to put a flashlight under the sheets to read, many times I did it secretly from my parents if they did not leave me because it was too late.

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A suitable kids floor lamp with a screen that makes the light it emits soft and warm can also be adequate to keep the room lit during the night, it can be placed next to the bed or in another corner of the room so that the light is even more indirect.

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