Farmhouse Table Lamps for Book Lamp

Nov 14th

Farmhouse Table Lamps are simple ceramic lamps based on a mid-range design. Since the base is made of ceramics, it is not uncommon to have an accident occur and end with a tile lamp. Rather than shedding the lamp or simply living with an ugly chip, you can repair the area so it’s barely noticeable.


Purchase paint color in a color that almost matches the color of your Farmhouse Table Lamps. It’s good to go to a craft store with chip from the lamp so you can compare the colors. Use white PVA glue; glue the chip back into place as best as you can. It’s OK if you’re missing pieces; glue what you have left in position on the lamp. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

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Use polymer clay to fill in any gaps and even surface around the chip. Work with small amounts, and build up until you have leveled the surface to look as natural as possible. Allow to dry overnight. Use the nail file to remove any uneven edges from polymer clay. Be careful not to scratch the existing color of your Farmhouse Table Lamps. Paint a layer of paint over the repaired chip; mix it with the existing color of the lamp. This can take several layers, or it may take only one. If the color is too bright, apply an additional layer of paint. Allow the paint to dry.

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