Gold Floor Lamp for Cozy Environments

Nov 10th

There are some rooms, inside homes, that due to their nature need some more serious and elegant designs. For example, the offices, or private cellars. To make these spaces correctly illuminated, we can resort to a design like this gold floor lamp despite having a dark panel that prevents the passage of light, it helps in the reflections of its base to reflect the lighting; in these cases, and the white lights would be the best option for them to have more strength.

The color of the light is also an important factor when choosing the lighting of the rooms. A warm light will give us cozy environments, while a cold light will give vitality to the room. Generally the gold floor lamp accompanies the designs in wood and in pink or brown colors. While white light is better with dark or cool colors

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Finally, we come to the most original proposal: a light reflector. Gaia Design proposes to take the objects a bit of context and relocate them to give them a different meaning, not to the object, but to the rooms. For example, this reflector, which could be the perfect companion to your study or your desk? But when adapting things, it is also necessary to take care of some aspects. In this case, we must modify the type of focus, or the light will be too intense and gold floor lamp will overheat.

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