How to Connect White Table Lamp

Nov 12th

White Table Lamp – When wiring a table lamp, always replace the cord and sockets for safety. Since you will never work on a lamp connected to a wall outlet, there is a chance of being shocked when wiring a lamp? Before electrical knowledge is not necessary when wiring a table lamp, and there is no mystery in this task. If you incorrectly connect the lamp, it simply will not turn on. Once you have done wiring a table lamp for the first time, you will be able to connect almost any other lantern.

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Twist’s bullet from the shadow rest and remove the White Table Lamp. Remove the bulb. Press the harp side against the lamp socket and lift the harp from the saddle. The saddle attaches the lamp under the socket. Remove the socket by pulling the outer shell from the socket cap; expose the carton insulator sleeve and the inner socket. Release the insulator sleeve from the socket, expose the outlet terminals.

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Loosen the two connecting screws; release the White Table Lamp cables below them. Pull the inner socket out of the wall socket and twist the socket cap from the lamp socket. Lay the lamp on its side and pull the blanket from the bottom of the base, expose the wiring lamp. Take the lamp from the outside of the lamp socket and pull the cord, remove it from the lamp. Pull a new lamp cord through the hole in the bottom of the lamp and up through the lamp housing, which extends from the top of the lamp. Pull the cable through the replacement socket cover and screw the socket cap on the lamp housing.

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