How to Create Your Own West Elm Lamps

Nov 10th

West Elm Lamps – Today we want to show you a very easy (and above all, economic) DIY so that you can have at home a replica of this famous lamp, designed by the English decoration firm West Elm and copied to the exhaustion by thousands of chains. Do you dare to try? First, paint with the spray the top ring of the lampshade that you previously removed, 3 clips for cables and the screws that go with them, and the cable in the color of your West Elm lamps choice.

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Cut each of the legs at a 5° angle at the top and bottom and make sure the ends are parallel. Decide the location of the lower ring and place the cable clips. Place the cut legs in the position they will be in your finished lamp while keeping the ring in place towards the bottom and mark where the cable clips will go. Make sure that the lamp will be stable, for them the legs should not be too close together. Therefore, it is also important to measure the circumference of the ring that we put above.

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You will have to play with the position of the ring to find a good opening of the tripod. Once you know where the ring will go, fix the screws on the inner side of each leg. Create a triangle to keep the entire structure together. Assembly the light assembly with follows the instructions of the light kit to insert it into your tripod West Elm lamps.

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