How to Put Your Red Table Lamp

Nov 13th

Red Table Lamp – Have you ever had to pull your desk lamp apart, perhaps to replace a globe or a broken socket, only to find out that you do not know how to reinstall it? While they may look very complicated, this type of light can actually be very simple to reunite. Place the base to the work surface evenly followed by the body; the base is often equipped with a hole in the middle, which is for the power cord to travel out, while the body must have holes at both ends.

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Then red table lamp the sliding rod into the upper hole of the body, out there the bottom hole and into the base. Place the wash on the end of the stem and tighten it into place. Then, insert the rope to the bottom of the rod and exit through the top. Place the socket cap on the bottom of the lute and screw it into the stem, making sure it is the correct way. Wrap the ‘hot’ wire around the gold screw on the socket and wrap the ‘neutral’ cable around the silver screw.

Place the socket casing over the bulb socket, making sure that you insert the cable in it. Squeeze the harp tip and slide it into the bottom of the shell, then put the bulb into it. When putting your desk lamp together, it is important to remember that there may be additional steps or even less depending on the type. If you get stuck while trying to put your red table lamp back on, you should contact a lighting specialist or even a manufacturer to ask for their advice.

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