Ideas Decorating Mid Century Modern Lamps

Nov 12th

Mid century modern lamps – Candlesticks make a dramatic statement in a room, attracting the look upwards and making the room seem taller. By decorating a chandelier, you can add a personal touch and create a custom design to add to your decor. If you are working with a new model or an old chandelier that is out there, decorative touches can take it to a new level.

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The easiest way to decorate mid century modern lamps chandelier is with a solid layer of paint. Painting is a simple way to change an ugly old lamp into a beautiful, modern piece; which gives the fixation of a new aspect, covers the imperfections and disguises unattractive materials. Before painting, spray the chandelier with primer. If you are painting a metal or bright wood chandelier, choose a primer attached to help the paint stick. A bold color against a white ceiling creates a contemporary look, while a solid white paint helps make an ornate chandelier more casual.

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Mid century modern lamps, give your new life to the lamp by replacing the light bulbs. Old light bulbs can create an old-fashioned look, especially when they are dirty or discolored. Choose a colored bulb or one in a unique way. Circular bulbs, for example, can give the spider a more modern design. Soft light bulbs create a cozy glow, while brighter light bulbs add light to a high ceiling. For an unexpected look, hide the ugly bulbs by adding miniature lampshades.

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