Innovative Floor Lamp with Shelves

Nov 10th

One of type of floor lamp with shelves, like this, has a hood that makes the light more direct and hard. These lamps are perfect for studies and reading areas. Because they provide a stronger light within a much defined space. The other great advantage of this Bolighous Design design is that its design makes it compatible with any space, and that you can easily change it.

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If you are an innovative, creative person and you like that your rooms look very original, then this should be your lamp. This metal and wood floor lamp with shelves design contrasts a very simple and thin base, with a more complex geometric design. This modern style will make your room, or bedroom, look fantastic and may be perfect for areas that do not need much light.

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If you are passionate about science, robots or futuristic designs, then this must be your lamp. Surely the design on the screen of this floor lamp with shelves will remind you of the sound waves produced by the human voice when it is recorded. But do not worry, the fact that it looks opaque does not mean it’s just a decoration. This amber furniture design, with tripod base, will give you a very soft light. It would be perfect to create very warm or even romantic atmospheres.

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