Lantern Floor Lamp for Relaxed Dinner

Nov 11th

With the lantern floor lamp and the fabric shade, this lamp complements the general lighting of the dining room, being a perfect option for more intimate and relaxed dinners. By having the articulated arm, the screen can be oriented according to the needs. The lampshade influences a lot in the type of light it reflects. If you want a warmer effect, like here, opt for a cloth or parchment in intense tones, for example from the range of earth.

Lamp common to a unique design. And just to line the screen with a patchwork wallpaper to match the bench cushions. The lantern floor lamp is as discreet as it is original. Stylized and with a screen in the shape of an inverted cone, it is decorative by itself. And timeless, because just change the screen for a more current to fit perfectly in a more contemporary decor. Here, with a pleated screen, it gives a romantic touch.

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In addition, the screen to be adjustable, is more comfortable when used to read. This lantern floor lamp seems to be taken from an old film set, with its screen that reminds of the spotlights of the great cinematographic productions. Your tripod foot is adjustable in height.

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