More Ideas to Make Tall Table Lamps

Nov 12th

Tall table lamps – Are you going to mount a floor lamp or table lamp? Great! You are in the right place in this article we explain how to assemble a table lamp. If you do not want to read, you can see the video that accompanies this article or the outline of the left side. Also, you can see in this PDF all the necessary accessories to mount your table, table or foot lamp. We start from top to bottom!

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Screen: It is the part that you will place on top of the tall table lamps. This bell can be a glass tulip or a metal screen. In all cases its function will be to direct the light. Portatulipas: this piece is the one that will hold the screen of your lamp and at the same time join it to the vertical arm or seatpost

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Brazo or protractor: It is the skeleton of your table lamp. It can be formed by a single arm or by several that, in turn, will join each other with kneecaps or sleeves. Rings or sleeves: are pieces to join the arms of the tall table lamps. If it’s a kneecap, you can make those arms articulate later. IF they are sleeves, they will be fixed.

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