New Blue Table Lamp

Nov 12th

How to make a blue table lamp shade? As for the screen, you can also renew or reuse the frame. If it is not the case, make the frame with wire, or look for alternatives like balloon or lamp. To renew the screen, paint it freehand with acrylic , crochet, paper or parchment. You can also make a collage with postage stamps, photos or used coffee filters, which give a much sifted light.

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Stick a new fabric blue table lamp to match the upholstery, or make a patchwork with scraps that overlap you. Or decor with lace, washi or fabric tape. You can stick colored glass beads, trimmings or sequins. It is very well to print patterns with stencil molds , or with one that you make with a cork or even a potato.

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If you want to surprise yourself, use as a stamp the base of a blue table lamp dipped in ink or acrylic, you will get some very showy flowers. To make the frame, draw a template by making two circles , one of each measurement of the ends of the screen. Follow the lines with wire to make the rings and join them with downspouts. Then cut the screen in the chosen material.

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