Popular Multi Head Floor Lamp

Nov 11th

Multi head floor lamp – The lamp also has LED lighting, in this case adjustable. So you can set the intensity of light you need in each case. Two lights also, one upper and one lower that you can direct to where you want. The general design of the lamp is modern and contemporary style composed of fine metal lines with chrome finish and the “saucer” that is on the top.

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This lamp, let’s say, keeps a more conservative design than the previous ones, more classic, with a type of tulip very used in ceiling or multi head floor lamp of this style. The main structure does not present many aspects to highlight, it is made of metal with a nickel matte finish and the tulip is white. It is placed just behind the sofa and its function is fundamentally decorative since, unlike the previous ones, it does not have the arm to direct the light to where you want.

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However, it can be perfectly sufficient with the light it emits. It is a very comfortable and easy to use multi head floor lamp, since you can move the tulip along the structure to place it just at the height you need. This allows you to read without problems on the sofa or armchair, with a good light, regardless of the height at which they are.

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