Pretty Paper Floor Lamp

Nov 11th

The standing paper floor lamp, in addition to practices (because they illuminate the room in question and help create a warm atmosphere), also serve to decorate the room and complete the interior design project of that area. In this case we will show you ideas to decorate living rooms with floor lamps as one more element of the seating area.

When selecting the paper floor lamp, we recommend taking into account aspects such as measurements, height, width and depth, if they are also arc you should also take note of the height of the roof and what the curve includes (if the roof is very low and the curve could be very high with it), as well as how much the end of the lamp goes down so that no one is hit with it when passing by his side.

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The paper floor lamp base you have will also be important, since sometimes you have to fit it in a corner and it is possible that the body is narrow but its base is wider and does not fit. In short, as long as you have a form that goes out of the usual, you will have to analyze the space where it will be placed and study if it fits without any problem.

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