Tips to Choose Spotlight Floor Lamp

Nov 11th

Spotlight Floor Lamp – Decorating your home with pole floor lamps adds a new level of ambiance. There are many variations of pole lamps, torch-style lamps, that project light upwards, lamps completely covered, which project light out the top and bottom, for swing arm lamps, which allow you to move the light in the position more effective The style of the lamp you choose can change the whole feel and look of a room, so be sure to consider your options before making a decision.

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The main purpose you want your spotlight floor lamp to comply with considering. Pole floor lamps in your office may need to be more practical than aesthetic, while a lamp in your living room usually needs to look good, as well as adding soft lighting to the room. This will help you determine the style of the screen: a screen that angles the light into the work area for task lighting, is the best; for the areas of life, different styles can work, depending on the general decoration of the room.

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Decide the total size. A smaller room can be dominated by a lamp that is too large, while a lamp can be swallowed and be unnoticed if it is too small for the room. When deciding a spotlight floor lamp size, consider the height of the ceiling, the amount of furniture in the room, as well as the presence of other lighting fixtures in the room.

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