Torchiere Floor Lamp to Brightness Your Room

Nov 10th

Since torchiere floor lamp have a very basic and simple shape, the elements of design and aesthetics have to be integrated either to the base or to the lamp itself. That is when futuristic designs emerge like this from Amber furniture. The metallic colors will add a natural reflection to the light provided by the lamp, and will make your room look very elegant and perfectly lit. They would be perfect to be integrated into the decoration of a bedroom .

Having an original torchiere floor lamp does not need a great design, simply an innovative concept.  All you need is pieces of wood, nails, a cable and a good bulb. If you wanted a more uniform light, then you could add a diffuser panel, like the Chinese balloons you can get anywhere. And if what you want is to add personality, you could add color to the base.

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For those who love glamour, luxuries and bright things, we also have some suggestions. This torchiere floor lamp will make your room look with the distinction and brightness you are looking for. If you want a lamp like this, with pearly tones and a bell that reflects the light, due to the nature of its interior, then you should look for a warm light. If you add a cold light the elegance of the lamp will be lost and the reflected light will be too intense.

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