Totally Different Rustic Floor Lamps

Nov 10th

Depending on the stay in which we are, we must give intensity or another. It will not be the same to light a bedroom than a living room since there are totally different activities such as reading, watching TV, dining, sleeping or working. That is why rustic floor lamps, in addition to lighting, help us differentiate the different environments of a house. Our recommendation, therefore, will be that you buy a lamp with dimmer.

There are models in the market that have two rustic floor lamps. A general that has a greater power of light and another with an additional arm as if it were a flexo. This is very useful because it allows us to direct the light focus towards the area that interests us the most, with the graduation we are most comfortable with.

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However, it is to graduate the intensity depending on the type of activity that we are doing . We will not put the same intensity to read, with which we can put a dim light, that to dine, with which we will need a rather intense light. Rustic floor lamps have the problem that dust usually accumulates on them without us seeing it. Even in summer, bugs can be blinded by light.

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