Turquoise Lamp Ideas

Nov 13th

Turquoise Lamp – Make an attractive and useful electric lamp with easily accessible materials and a lamp cable kit. A bottle, vase, box or even stacked boxes or books can act as a base through which you can drive the cable. The lamp kit provides wires and fixtures, and lampshades are available in a variety of styles at department stores and low cost stores. Lamp kit sold at home improvement and craft shops, and includes various fixtures, depending on the type of base and lampshade you choose for the lamp. You can also buy the parts separately.


How to make a Turquoise Lamp. Attach vase or bottle so that it does not slip, and drill a hole through the bottom to drive the cord. Insert the wire ends into the cord through the drilled hole, pull up, and thread the fixture tube (if used), harp the bottom (if used), and remove the base. Connect the neutral cable to the white or silver screw on the base and the hot wire to the other screw (usually a darker color), ensuring that all wires are securely held under the screwdrivers. (With some lamp kit socket is already connected.)

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Load sand or other objects for weighting the base, given that the amount will vary depending on the size of the container. Fit the harp bottom (if used) and the lamp base to the fixture tube extending from the base; if necessary, attach it to the base with hot glue. If you use a Turquoise Lamp harp, raise your sleeves on the harp arms, push your arms together so that they slide into the harp bottom, and lower your sleeves to secure the harp.

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