Unique 3 Light Floor Lamp

Nov 11th

On the other hand, distribution is another important aspect; Sometimes it may be interesting to create a set of different types of 3 light floor lamp but of the same series (wall lamp, table lamp and floor lamp), but in other cases it may be curious to put two or even four floor lamps that frame the sofa area and armchairs, everything will depend on the environment we want to create and the dimensions of the room we have.

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Nor can we forget about the design, color, material or the area of light emission . It will not be the same to use a giant flexo, which contributes a sympathetic aspect to our living room, than a crystal 3 light floor lamp that gives a more classic and refined air. In turn, that the lamp emits light only from its upper part (lamps directed towards the ceiling), that it emits it by the whole screen

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or that it emits it from top to bottom in all its extension (like those paper 3 light floor lamp that have light bulbs in vertical and light from the ground to the vertical ends) will also affect both the decoration and the lighting(higher in the last case and lower in the first). Likewise, if it is wood, metal or paper will also influence our design, as we prefer an industrial style, Scandinavian, etc.

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