Very Good Floor Lamp with Table

Nov 10th

The lighting intervenes in a very marked way in the decoration. We can say that it is one of the key elements. It allows us to play with the ambient light, its intensity and even its color. Depending on the screen you have, we can differentiate several styles of floor lamp with table. Japanese style is a screen that is integrated along the foot . It is usually made of paper, silk or linen. Integrates along the foot or covers it.

Floor lamp with table in tapered type: This type of screens usually have the widest base and bring more light down. They are more traditional, so they will be a good option for a rustic, retro or classic room. The drum type screens have the same opening above and below . Its light is distributed evenly creating a very warm ambient light.

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This type of floor lamp with table is a very good alternative for reading or work spaces because they direct the light to the point you want. Our recommendation is that you graduate intensity to 400 lumens and a height of 150 cm. then, LED: they are the ones with the longest useful life and, therefore, the most efficient. LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours and consume 80% less compared to other traditional bulbs.

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