What Do You Think About Tall Floor Lamps?

Nov 10th

The lamps we love, we are not going to cheat, it seems one of the items in lighting more possibilities offered in terms of design and functionality, but also have the feeling that the “client” is not aware of all that a tall floor lamps can get in the decoration of a house or business.

If we are going to place our lamp in a place where we are interested in this extra light, for example if it is an office, a place of work or you just want to create a reading area, we will have to consider where your tall floor lamps emits the light, if it does it in the upper or lower area or if the lamp is adaptable and we can turn it to focus towards one or the other side.

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However, if we want a more classic or more sophisticated environment, we can opt for tall floor lamps with conventional fabric tulip, in case our room has a Nordic decoration, we can combine the classic tulip with a base in wood tripod format natural, typical of escandinvos designs and with a more modern contribution. If we have chosen black and white textiles for our space, one way to achieve harmony is to choose designs in metallic finishes (silver, copper, and gold) or black.

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