Wooden Floor Lamp for All Tastes

Nov 10th

Wooden floor lamp – We are very used to locating them in the living room, but today there are designs of all kinds and for all tastes that make us integrate them in practically any corner of our home. They are suitable for the living room, for the bedroom, for the kitchen, for the office…

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As you can see in the image gallery, the secret is knowing how to choose the right wooden floor lamp design and the most appropriate location; sometimes the utility will prevail, that is, that we provided an extra light at some point in the room, however, at other times what we will look for is to complete the interior design of a room.

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Since wooden floor lamp are a fundamental piece in numerous occasions, covering those dead spots of the decoration where we do not have clear what to place, but we know that something is missing. It is important to take into account the measures, height, width and depth. There are models that have the shape of an arch, in these cases we must take note of the height of our roof and what covers the curve of the lamp so that it does not collide.

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